freeofsins inquired:

hi :) i was wondering if you could suggest me which poetry book of Sylvia's should I read first for the first time? p/s : nice blog and tremendously good in writing :)

I haven’t read any of her books, I’ve only seen her poems on here but I love her poetry and I do want to read one of her poem books. & thank you!

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People keep telling me that it will get better and to give it time.
But my life has been given an abundance of time and it still hasn’t gotten any better.
I feel dead inside.
I feel as if everything has been ripped from me.
I have lost the people I have become so close with and who I’ve started really caring about.
And I have no one to blame but myself.
They say things are okay but it doesn’t feel that way.
Today, I felt so excluded from everything. Almost as if I was out of body. My shell was there but I wasn’t.
I sat with them and I pretended like everything was okay but nothing feels the same anymore.
It’s starting to seem like I’ve lost myself and this feels worst then anything.
I’ve lost two of my best friends.
Now it feels like I’m intruding on them. Like I’m a stranger. Like those times of doubling over with laughter and shared secrets meant nothing.
But they say everything is fine so I should believe them, right?
I don’t know if this is a test from God or not.
If it is, I have failed.
Because it feels like I’m repeatedly drowning underwater but I’m still alive.
I am a machine of a girl. I pretend. I react.
I don’t know how things got so bad or why my mind is a collection of paradoxes.
But I do know this is all my fault.
I’m too much of a tornado.
A wildfire.
Something not everyone knows how to deal with.
So once they decide they can’t anymore, the weight of the world, feels like it’s crushing me into pieces.
— My emotions and mind are too wildly out of control -(t.i.f.)
truewomanblack inquired:

Are you taking requests at the moment? (Love your writing btw)

I’m not x and thank you!

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I stopped breathing and started again, it was as if my existence was trying to fight for control of my soul. I forgot who I was and how to function.
“Calm your body down.” my friend told me
“Think of something beautiful.” she whispered
The first thought that comes flying into my mind, is you.
— High or sober, it’s you
russiansheaven inquired:

Hey hun I know its been a while since I've hit you up! I've been creeping on your blog & I'm still in love with it since day one when I stumbled upon your writing. You still give the words to me that my heart can not express and I'm forever grateful

Oh my god thank you so much this made my heart happy 😊

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Would you pretty please write a poem of an amazing, beautiful boy who is supposed to die, but you cannot resist him at all?

You just reminded me I have a lot of requests I haven’t done yet. I’ll message you when I’ve done yours though! I’m not sure how long it’ll be. Because of school and doing others and ect

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sugagagashini inquired:

You're amazing. Never stop writing because you're truly a rare gem. And you are so beautiful in and out. Stay awesome and strong. XX

Omg AW 💕💕 this made me very happy thank you 😘

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The pen is your breath and the paper is your body and you’re writing to breathe. -(t.i.f.)

Autumn is approaching
The winds will be vicious
You will feel it seeping through your clothes to ice your body
The leaves will fall to the ground and die in colors of red, yellow, and brown
Everything once living will slowly perish
And before you know it Winter will come and everything will crease to exist.
— Autumn is the foreshadowing of Winter -(t.i.f.)

Well I fucking love it! And please keep up all the amazing work! You are truly gifted love

Thank you soooooo much 💕

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